Who we are

Originally started its journey on July, 2010 executive customs fiji is mainly concerned with clearance of goods which is exported and imported from anywhere and everywhere in the world.

We handle goods imported for commercial and personal use. We facilitate the export of goods in much the same way. We handle all the necessary paper work and guide our clients with regards to any special permits required. We provide services in most areas to acquire these extra approvals and permits. Our services provide you with up to the minute information. Our Director has more than 10 years in the industry; His reputation has earned him special privileges within the customs arena.

We support large and small manufactures as well as the individual or small businesses who may be exporting equipment for repair or clients who require a duty waiver for temporary imports. We have customised our service to suite the changing needs of our clients and we would do the same for you. We have some value added features that help you to stay in touch with your shipments. We focus on communication with our clients and excellent customer service. Time is money so you can be assured that your shipments will be processed in the fastest possible time.